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Located in the heart of Fort McMurray we’ve served the community for nearly 10 years under numerous banners. Now under the Hexwave Media name we’ve expanded our offerings to you as well as expanded our network to offer some of our services across the country. If you are interested in getting your name, business or product out there in a new and interesting way, we will be with you the whole way to show the new and cutting edge ways people are reaching their demographic. 

About the founder

Matt Salem


Matt has been working in the marketing field for over 13 years across the country. Everything from on the ground guerilla marketing to the high-level corporate scope.

Why Us?

Best Filming Equipment

We come well equipped with some of the latest film equipment from Black Magic and software editing through the Adobe Suite

13 Years of Experience

13 year spread across the country can help push what you need even further than before.

Professional Editing

Images, videos and so much more through our intensive editing software.

Our Address

402-10121 Manning Ave. Fort McMurray. T9H 2C4