If you have some old photos lying around, why not breathe some new life into them by getting them either repaired by getting scratches tears or discolourations removed or getting colour added to black and white or sepia photos. Here are some examples of how I took some old family photos and fixed them up.

These three photos above show the process of restoration and colourization. The first is an unedited scan of a photo. In the second photo, you can see a lot of the scratches and artefacts are removed especially on the area of the door. It’s also been sharpened a bit and the contrast heightened from the fade it’s received over time. Finally, the third has been enhanced with colour using a mixture of Adobe’s neural filters and hand painting over some other areas.

Here is another example of a photo that’s been colourized of my Grandmother. Breathing colour into portraits like this is my favourite because it’s like watching the photo come to life in front of you.

If you are looking to revitalize some of your old photos please reach out to us here at Hexwave Media for a quick quote

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