What happened to Gammazaki Media? People who know me have asked me again and again, so I’ve laid out some of the reasons I am rebranding my business.

The Idea of Gammazaki Media came to me back in 2010 when I discussed with some friends about starting our own Video Game website where we would do “Let’s Plays”, Video Game Reviews, and previews. The word itself was made up by me because I wanted something that sounded futuristic with a nerdy twist to it. At the time I never thought it would turn into the marketing/ Graphic design business it eventually did in 2015.

The site itself went through numerous logos trying to narrow down what I was trying to do with it.

Gammazaki Media ran successfully for years, helping local businesses with their photography, graphic design, and video creation needs, however, there was something I noticed over and over with clients and others I introduced my company to. The name was hard to both spell and in some cases pronounce for some people. I thought hard about this and how this affected business, unless they had my business card it was hard to remember the name of my business let alone how to actually spell the URL.

It was for this reason i set on developing a new name and offering more services as Hexwave Media. So what does Hexwave Media actually offer?

  • High Quality Video ads
  • Print and digital ads
  • Logo designs both animated and static
  • Voice Overs
  • Writing and script work
  • Filmmaking resources
    • Pitch document designs
    • Digital assests
    • After Effects graphics

And Much More, If Hexwave Media doesn’t offer it, I will help you find someone who will.

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